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By: The Kitchen Designer Team   |   Published: July 17th, 2020


BAX has been manufacturing kitchens since 1890. Every kitchen is planned individually and lovingly made by hand. They ensure that every kitchen is unique through exclusive materials, traditional craftmanship, sensible innovations and passion. Their furniture can be completely manufactured to your wishes, which make it the perfect match for your home environment. They drive on traditional craftmanship, exclusive materials and lots and lots of love.


Comparing Design

Bax are diverse in design with their dimensional freedom, you can design and have your kitchen made for you without being tied to any basic dimensions. Each of their kitchens are unique and a one-off as they follow your plans, not the other way around.

They achieve exceptional design solutions and utilise the best possible room geometries through their high level of planning freedom. There is no need for filler panels on appliance niches as all their furniture is planned individually to achieve a consistent overall look.

Bax kitchen designs cover a wide range of ergonomic requirements with their clear lines and harmonious design, generous storage spaces thanks to the optimum utilisation of the available space and creating all furniture to eliminate the need for filler panels.

They offer modern handle-less architecture kitchens and an extensive range of traditional styles (country-house), including designs with face frames and inset as well as overlay doors.
You can easily make your planning wishes come true with BAX kitchens through endless choices of possible combinations: almost any finish is available, any material and any colour with five hundred and fifty-five wood veneers and thirty three ceramic fronts as standard.

Your carcase edges and handle profiles can be in the same colour as the front with broad individual selection of the usual colour ranges (RAL, NCS, Sikkens etc.)


Comparing Quality

Bax kitchens are a kitchen for life, it is no coincidence that Bax kitchens still look good decades later it is the result of skill and artisanship for over 100 years. Bax specialise in Natural woodwork, often used inside the carcase instead of particleboard. They use high quality hardware technology on hinges drawers and storage solutions with high stability plinth corners thanks to the use of aluminium profiles.

Bax have years of tradition in hand-processing along with finishing woods and surfaces. You can see the evidence of this in the excellent depth of production on fronts, carcases and worktops, as well as manufacturing other furniture items such as tables, benches and shelves all with passion and experience.

Bax kitchens are created by hand with an impressive depth of production from all of their highly qualified carpenters, regardless of doors or carcases they make every single component themselves assuring that everything meets the highest quality standards. They ensure that the grain on their veneered fronts is continuous through skilled craftsmanship along with specialising in refined woodwork through the process of wooden finishes; oiling, sanding, wiping, patinating and lacquering them.


Comparing Value

Bax kitchens are not low priced but neither is the quality, you pay for what you get.

Bax kitchens are not your traditional mass made products, they are hand-crafted one-offs that are made in a manufactory. This means they are not concerning themselves with minimum quantities and can develop individual solutions for every single kitchen with the highest quality standards.

Although there are lower priced competitors such as Poggenpohl, Siematic and Bulthaup, with Bax kitchens you really do get what you pay for with an extremely high level of quality and reliability thanks to the experience of the Bax team and their strict quality control standards.

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