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Who are we?

The Kitchen designer is a brand-new kitchen design and comparison website which is changing the way people are buying kitchens in the UK. Buying a kitchen is one of the most substantial purchases that we will make in our lifetime and there is a huge choice when it comes to getting your perfect kitchen.

We are specialists in this field and have handpicked the best kitchen manufacturers from around Europe and the UK, to provide the best that money can buy ranging in prices from more high-end collections to more affordable ones to spoil you for choice with the variety of fantastic design work you can get done for you.

We have partnered with the best independent kitchen retailers around the UK giving you the choice to decide who you would like to buy from, we will be there throughout the whole process to make sure that all runs smoothly.

Will my contact information be shared?

We will only share your information when you are ready to receive your design and quotations from our trusted retailers. We will then only share information that you are happy for us to share.

How do I measure my kitchen room?

The quality of the measurements in your room will be relative to the accuracy of the designs that will be done for you. If your drawing can contain the measurements of the length and height of walls, the width and height of windows and doors, height of windows from the floor and finally the length of any walls between any windows and doors. We will also need to know the position of your electricity and water access and whether you have any pipes or other protruding items in the room which will need to be accounted for in the design.

No need to stress this is just to get your proposal as precise as possible, there will be accurate measurements taken from a professional if you decide to go ahead with a quotation and design, to make sure that the design will fit as it should before ordering.

Can I pay my kitchen in installments with TheKitchenDesigner?

Some of our partners will provide finance directly. You can ask for finance at the stage of filling out the style quiz or on the phone when you get a call from us.

I am a business. Can I also use TheKitchenDesigner?

Yes, we are loved by independent retailers, architects, builders and interior designers. Simply contact us and we can arrange to meet to discuss how you could be vetted to join us.

Why does TheKitchenDesigner need my floorplan?

The more information we have on the exact sizes of your project, the more accurately we can provide your design and quotation.

Which kitchen studios work with TheKitchenDesigner?

We only work with vetted and trusted studios who offer branded and quality products that we would be proud to have in our own kitchens. We speak to all our retailers to let them know that only the highest quality of workmanship and the best brands will be acceptable.

We have hundreds of retailers across the UK who sell everything from the British manufacturers to the most exclusive German and Italian brands. Quality is guaranteed and we can cater to any budget and style.

Can I get offers now but buy in a couple of months?

Some of our trusted retailers are specialists in new builds, self builds and extensions. Quite frequently customers start working from a year before the kitchen is needed in order to have site plans to help with the construction and building company to allow for moving walls, laying floors as well as important placement of services.

What does TheKitchenDesigner need from me?

All we need from you is to take our straight forward interactive quiz to help you consider the many choices that are available to you in your kitchen purchase. We have up to date knowledge of everything that you need to know about new products, appliances and brands.

This will help us understand your preferences and style desires to create you dream kitchen with the budget given.

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