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By: The Kitchen Designer Team   |   Published: July 17th, 2020

Hacker Kitchens

Hacker Kitchens are a global German kitchen company founded in 1898; with over 120 years of craftmanship, it is no surprise that they export their excellence across the globe. Hacker Kitchens provide everything from carcases to worktops, providing the whole package for an overall brilliantly manufactured German engineered kitchens.


Compare in Design

Incorporating both traditional and modern designs into each individually crafted kitchen, Hacker Kitchens truly are constructed to the individual preference of each customer, creating beautiful timeless kitchens. Focusing their attention of the designs to incorporate high quality and craftmanship of each kitchen they produce, Hacker Kitchens are commended for their stunning designs.


Compare in Quality

German engineered products are world renowned for their quality and Hacker kitchens are no different; Hacker kitchens are built to the highest standards including all the latest technologies expected and needed from your luxury kitchen – soft close drawers, clever corner units and progressive door hinges. The usage of a Hacker Kitchen regarding quality is simultaneously streamlined so everything appears and works beautifully.


Compare in Value

Value for money is guaranteed with a Hacker Kitchen, the cost of a Hacker Kitchen is worth the beautiful design and over 200 years’ worth of craftmanship that truly sets Hacker Kitchens apart. Manufactured to endure years of usage, a Hacker Kitchen is truly an investment that will serve you for years to come.


Compare to Competitors

In comparison to other German Kitchen companies, Hacker Kitchens can diversify themselves through their ability to incorporate timeless designs alongside their high quality craft that other German Kitchens are not able to match on price.

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