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Impuls Kuchen

By: The Kitchen Designer Team   |   Published: July 17th, 2020


IMPULS was founded 30 years ago, with a focus on affordable prices, delivery, and reliability, IMPULS offers an ambitious product at achievable price levels. A thorough range of German Engineered products makes IMPULS the impeccable choice when budgets are limited but quality is necessary. Whilst IMPULS are one of the more affordable brands of the German kitchen range, they are still exceptional in quality and design, making them a popular choice for consumers across Europe who crave great quality on a limited budget.


Comparing Design

With hundreds of colour options and style combinations, IMPULS kitchens offer exceptional choice in high gloss, classic and traditional designs. Whichever style you have in mind for your dream kitchen, IMPULS designs can accommodate most customer’s needs, ranging from ultra-modern, sleek designs, to traditional and timeless designs.


Comparing Quality

The quality of IMPULS kitchens is exceptional, especially due to the price they can offer a customer who desires the German standard of engineering. Whilst the quality of IMPULS is still miles ahead of a standard English kitchen, they are not able to offer the latest technologies due to their lower end pricing, however IMPULS is still a great quality buy.


Comparing Value

If you are on a budget and are wanting a high-quality durable German quality kitchen; value is ensured with IMPULS. The range of colours and finishes, whilst still including maximisation of your kitchen space at a low cost is a value that other competitors in the German kitchen industry cannot compete with.


Comparing Competitors

In comparison to competitors, there are few and far between of other German kitchen brands that can offer the same quality and range as IMPULS at the same cost. Even a mid-range German kitchen such as Schuller are not able to compete with IMPULS on price, this is an advantage IMPULS have over their competitors.

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