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By: The Kitchen Designer Team   |   Published: July 17th, 2020


Founded in 1945 Nobilia is one of the biggest and most widely recognised European manufacturer of contemporary kitchens. With a focus on affordability and high-quality, Nobilia builds intelligently engineered modern kitchens with exceptional design flexibility. In regards to pricing, Nobilia is uses an affordable pricing strategy, whilst still offering high-quality materials in a contemporary design.

Nobilia provides the full package: Wonderfully engineered but affordable German kitchens with intelligent accessories, attractive built-in sinks, Nobilia worktops, Nobilia splashbacks and a wide range of appliances to finish your brand-new kitchen off.


Comparing Design

Every Nobilia kitchen is completely unique dependent on the customer. Every kitchen is individually planned and made with the highest precision. More than 70 years of experience and a high degree of automation guarantee the highest level of quality that any customer would expect when purchasing a globally well-renowned German Kitchen.


Comparing Quality

From receipt of goods to production to delivery; Nobilia has installed a sophisticated control system in order to ensure the highest quality of product for all process. No Nobilia kitchen comes without a 21-step process in order to audit the quality of each kitchen.

Quality, environmental protection and energy efficiency are vital elements of Nobilia’s company philosophy, therefore this ensures that Nobilia are environmentally friendly and are of the highest quality.


Comparing Value

Like most German Kitchen Manufacturers, the value of a kitchen from Nobilia Kitchens is extremely high due to the low cost, yet great manufacturing.


Comparing Competitors

In comparison to competitors, Nobilia compares to the likes of Schuller, at a lower cost yet high German quality.

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