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By: The Kitchen Designer Team   |   Published: July 17th, 2020


Stormer is yet another great kitchen Manufacturer, with over 50 years of experience creating a stunning mix of high-quality contemporary and classic styles, it is no surprise that Stormer is one of the best in the business. Created for modern living, the Störmer collection merges style and structure to ensure customers have access to over 300 kitchen choices and the latest technologies to gain the maximum usage from your kitchen. Störmer offers a versatile palette of colours and finishes, including the opportunity to personalise your kitchen with over 22,000 colour options to accommodate individual style. With Stormer, it is effortless to create the finishing touches to your kitchen, whether it is the new luxury Gocciadoro lighting system, complementary work surfaces or their exclusive Ebios fire centrepieces – Störmer likes to set the style standard.


Comparing Design

Stormer pride themselves on the ability to offer a wide range of 22,00 finishes of colours and finishes, so whether you want matte or satin in black, white, yellow, or even pink, Stormers designs can accommodate your needs. Stormers ability to adapt their designs to each individual customer needs are what have allowed Stormer to remain one of the best in the German field.


Comparing Quality

In comparison to other German kitchens, Stormer are a great representation of German engineering. German kitchens are known for their high quality, and Stormer are no exception. Stormer kitchens are designed to last over 15 years due to the technologies and expertise that go into each individual design are guaranteed to be triple the quality of that of an English kitchen.


Comparing Value

Stormer kitchens are great regarding value for money; like all German kitchen brands, the engineering in them is second to none; this is coherent with their stunning designs. Therefore, you are guaranteed exceptional value with a Stormer Kitchen due to the exceptional manufacturing and design work.


Comparing Competitors

In comparison to other German kitchen brands, most other brands use 3mm thick hard board backs, however Stormer Kitchens feature 8mm thick solid backs, therefore this extra thick back will last much longer in comparison to regular. Stormer Kitchens also offer diverse inside carcass colours, whilst other German brands offer white internals. Stormer Kitchens offer a choice of 13 different interior carcass colours, meaning that you can match the outside colour of your kitchen, instead of a ‘cheap’ looking white interior.

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